Lemon IT Consulting Services

  • 1. Software Development Life Cycle Consulting
        • Improvisation of Software Development Process
    • Access the software development process
    • Establish procedures for software development
    • Carry out regular audits to ensure adherence to the established norms of software development

        • Consultation services in the field of Software documentation
    • Assess level of software documentation
    • Establish norms for software documentation
    • Establish mechanism for documentation change management
    • Assess, monitor and audit software documentation done

        • Consultation Services for Software Value Addition
    • Carry out value enrichment of software already developed in a multilayered approach
    • Enrichment of functionalities
    • Enrichment of software development process

        • Enrichment of Software Components

  • 2. Project Management Services
        • Project Management Challenges faced by you
    • Planning Process
    • Defining project closure at the beginning…
    • Training management, core committee and implementation team to cope with technology challenges
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Bridging the gap of business requirement to IT requirement
    • Scoping and identifying right application
    • Understanding the critical processes in technology acquisition and implementation

        • What we do?

    Project Management is accomplished through the use of processes such as initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing. Our project team manages the project control of the work which typically involves competing demands for: time, scope, cost, risk and quality. We also bridge the gap between stakeholders differing needs and expectations and reality.

    Our Project Manager's role is to provide visibility to the stakeholders in many tasks needed to execute the project, to clearly and frequently communicate the status of projects and tasks, and to work closely with the sponsor of the project, to make sure that your project is delivered as close to the forecasted time, budget & scope as possible.

        • Advantage Lemon
    • We conduct brief IT Review to understand your project management needs
    • Design a PM solution for the projects planned
    • Highly skilled and trained project managers with the fitment to your organization culture
    • Well planned project closure strategy to make your organization self sufficient

  • 3. IT Effectiveness Study
    • Effectiveness study involves assessment of organization’s information technology environment vis-à-vis control objectives for IT
      • Information integrity consistent with information value to the organization.
      • Information confidentiality consistent with business and statutory requirements.
      • Information availability consistent with the requirements of business processes.
      • Assessing organization’s readiness to adopt latest trends in technology
    • What we do?

      We customize the IT effectiveness study to meet the needs of your organization depending upon you’re the size and spread of your operations and business. The study is focused on to identify business risks, process gaps and technology gaps in your IT Function based on Control Objectives for IT (COBIT) framework to cover following aspects of the information technology,

      • Information
      • Application (Software)
      • Infrastructure
      • People
    • IT effectiveness study will provide
      • An improved understanding of information process
      • Information security risks.
      • Process gaps
      • Improvement opportunities.
      • Recommendations for risk mitigation.
    • Advantage Lemon
      • Management Audit expertise, Technology expertise bundled with SAP professionals
      • Extensive Domain knowledge
    • Customized solution considering the need of the customer

  • 4. SAP Implementation Review

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP), first, denotes the planning and management of resources in an enterprise. Second, it denotes a software system that can be used to manage whole business processes, integrating your key functions.

    SAP is one of the most successfully implemented ERP systems worldwide in the Enterprise IT Application segment. For any organisation in process of SAP implementation to take care of its business process data, the SAP implementation review is required w.r.t. various control objectives which will differ from organisation to organisation as will the needs of the control structures of such organisations.

    • Some of the specific management concerns identified regarding SAP ERP include
      • e to meet user requirements
      • Failure to integrate
      • Incompatibility with technical infrastructure
      • Vendor support problems
      • Expensive and complex installations
    • When do you require it?
      • During the implementation process or
      • Prior to Go-Live date or
      • Post Go-Live date to identify the gap in definition and reality
    • What we do?

      Given the integrated nature of SAP, with our expert and integrated team of management consultants and IT consultants, we identify gaps, analyse the impact and present you the risks or challenges an organisation will face related to

      • Industry and business environment
      • User or management behavior
      • Business processes, procedures, functionality and data integrity
      • Application security
      • Underlying infrastructure
      • Ongoing maintenance/business continuity
    • Advantage Lemon
      • Management Audit expertise, Technology expertise bundled with SAP professionals
      • Extensive Domain knowledge
      • Customized solution considering the need of the customer

  • 5. BPM Services
    • Business process has to deal with information flow, control flow and transaction flow
    • However, if the entire process logic (control + information + transaction) is incorporated in ERP or SCM system, then IT brains have to spend huge development, customization and integration efforts.
    • While ERP or transaction based software focuses on transactions, BPM, allow users to easily build control flow and information flow logic involving employees, business partners and customers.
    • To find a balance between transaction control and process control remains the challenge to many organisations while deciding their information technology needs.
    • What we do?

      Our process consulting team and IT Team work jointly with you to understand your pain areas in managing people, technology and process. We also understand the maturity of the organisation in technology adoption and usage of modern IT tools.
      We provide visibility of your existing processes by configuring your AS-IS processes into Savvion Process Modeler and with the help of its simulation engine trigger your need to re-engineer the processes with the objective to reduce process time and cost. Further we implement Savvion Business Manager to integrate your transaction based IT solution with re-engineered processes into process automation environment.

    • About Savvion
      • Savvion is among the leading BPM vendor in Enterprise Performance Management segment.
      • More than 300 of the world’s top-performing companies, including 20 of the Fortune 100, choose Savvion to operate more productively and profitably.
    • Advantage Lemon
      • We partner with Savvion for India, Middle East and Africa Region.
      • Our domain expertise and consulting experience in Gem and Jewellery, Financial Services, Entertainment industry and Savvion’s BPM products enables us to provide quality consulting and implementation of BPM solutions.
      • We give our customers value added services through our collaborative model involving Savvion’s BPM expertise and our experienced team in process consulting practice.

  • 6. SAP and Oracle JD Edwards User manual documentation
    • Service Offering

      We help the organisations to document their functional user manuals specific to the function / departments requirement. The objective of such documentation is to have simplified language as per the functions requirement to execute their job,

      • Document the User Manuals to train employees
      • Standardization in accounting policies as per SAP / Oracle JD Edwards interface amongst various locations to be covered.
      • To have consistency in SAP / Oracle JD Edwards user working irrespective of the person doing the job.
      • To lay the foundation for the project roll out to cover more locations and functions of the company.
    • Scope

      The scope is tailored as per the company requirement although the important parameters to consider the time frame of the project is the locations, modules implemented, transaction codes used, reports used, etc.